Activities in Make a Difference

The main aim of Make a Difference is to identify, minimise, and if possible eliminate, some of the thresholds when it comes to building and operating a dual fuel vessel, with LNG in focus and integrate with port.

There are several issues regarding regulations and environmental permits that need to be resolved in the shift from traditionally fuelled engines to LNG.  Issues addressed are e.g. safety issues regarding bunkering of LNG and parallel cargo handling, harmonisation of land-based and sea-based regulations, as well as the permit application process for LNG bunkering and the need for crew education.

We are working with a shipowner perspective to find solutions to the operational issues. It involves a partnership of stakeholders, such as shipowners, cargo owners, LNG suppliers, ports and manufacturers, a so called Joint Industry Project (JIP) group. To our help we have the ZVT reference group (ZVTREF) comprising agencies and administrations as well as industry representatives to guide the JIP forward.

More information about the different activities that will be executed in the Make a Difference framework is available in the menu.




The market is complex and different solutions are needed to reach set goals. In Make a Difference for the shipping industry (MaD), the below shown organisations are willing to invest to reach the aims for LNG fuelled ships. Since it is expensive to implement new technology and find new ways forward, the EU said yes to co-financing the needed studies and the preparatory work.