“Make a Difference” is an EU TEN-T financed project. The main aim of Make a Difference is to identify, minimise, and if possible eliminate, some of the thresholds when it comes to building and operating a dual fuel vessel, with LNG in focus and integrate with port.

Make a Difference is a cooperation between Sirius Shipping, Preem, Viking Line, FKAB, DNV, Swedish Shipowners' Association and SSPA. The project is supported by Finnish Shipowners' Association, Ports of Stockholm, MAN and Skangass. On the left hand side you will find more information about the participating organisations and the financier as well as the collaboration method used.

There are several issues regarding regulations and environmental permits that need to be resolved in the shift from traditionally fuelled engines to LNG. Issues addressed are e.g. safety issues regarding bunkering of LNG and parallel cargo handling, harmonisation of land-based and sea-based regulations, as well as the permit application process for LNG bunkering and the need for crew education.

Earlier studies, such as the study addressing pre-investments for LNG bunker filling stations (“A feasibility study for an LNG filling station infrastructure and test of recommendation” coordinated by the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA)), as well as ongoing ones, such as the study focusing on the process of developing a network of LNG bunker filling stations in the SECA area in a harmonised and coordinated manner (“LNG in Baltic Sea Ports” coordinated by the Baltic Port Organization (BPO)), are used to validate and harmonise the results from Make a Difference but also to be co-operated with and workshops arranged.

To anchor the results in industry reality, they will also be benchmarked in the JIP called EVOlution, which also uses the ZVT method. EVOlution was started in 2010 by the cargo owner and port Preem together with the shipowner Sirius with the aim to develop and build an efficient dual fuel tanker for European shipping while sharing knowledge and experiences. The guiding stars are environment and safety. The vessel will be used for demonstration of environmentally efficient solutions, both once built and during the journey to get there, leading to new prospects for the development of vessels. With Make a Difference more stakeholders, with the same interest, are working together.

Since the JIP EVOlution is using the ZVT platform, the working groups are divided according to the set JIP organisational structure: vessel, infrastructure, finance, R&D and regulations. The activities in Make a Difference have therefore been categorised in subgroups according to the same structure. As mentioned, the ZVT platform will be used as a base, there will be co-operation with other studies and workshops will be organised. Click on the link on the right hand side to view the extended organisational structure of Make a Difference.