JIP LNG4Solution

The Joint Industry Project LNG4Solution consists of four new-buildings and one retrofit.



The JIP develops a comprehensive solution to minimise harmful air emissions (NOX, CO2 and PM) in shipping. The aim is to environmentally optimise the supply chain of clean petroleum products (CPP) and to significantly increase energy efficiency of maritime transport within the Sulphur Emission Control Area (SECA). As a forerunner, the JIP sets a benchmark for achievable environmental performance for shipping and plays an important role as a viable example for followers. The objective is to connect 31 ports and to enhance the ports in order to accommodate LNG fuelled vessels. The JIP promotes safe and clean shipping, as well as alternative fuels; it increases the demand and deployment of LNG as marine fuel in the SECA.




Eija Kanto, Wega 

Phone: +35 850 521 0807

Mail: eija.kanto@wega.fi