JIP Flexi is an EU TEN-T financed project and a cooperation between Sirius Shipping, Skangass and Preem.

JIP Flexi is part of Pilot LNG as Activity No. 2

The Flexi vessel is a bunker tanker that will be designed and built to support the distribution of LNG for gas fuelled ships. The bunker vessel will operate mainly in the Gothenburg/Skaw area.

A bunker vessel is an essential part of the infrastructure chain necessary to provide LNG to vessels operating in the Baltic Sea.

The objective of the activity is to develop the LNG bunkering infrastructure by offering a LNG bunkering possibility in the Skagerrak/Kattegat area in cooperation with the Brofjorden Terminal. Development of a fast, efficient and safe bunkering system and procedures for LNG bunkering inshore and offshore is also part of the activity.

Flexi LNG tanker specifications are:

• 99 m of length
• 19 m of breadth,
• 5.4 m of draught
• 13.5 knot of speed at 85% MCR (Maximum Continuous Rating) plus 15% sea margin with ice class 1A.
• Cargo tank capacity will be 5700 m3 of LNG at 100% full tanks with a loading-/discharging rate at 1000 m3/h.
• The vessel will be owned by Sirius Rederi AB and carry a Swedish/EU flag.

The Activity leader is Jonas Backman from Sirius Rederi AB.

The activity team consists of:
• Sirius Rederi AB
• Skangass Terminal AB
• Preem AB
• SSPA Sweden AB

Activity 2 duration: 01/01/2012 - 31/12/2015

The activity relates to milestones 4 and 5.



Magnus Wikander, Project Manager JIP Flexi